Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mayer Hawthorne - Maybe So, Maybe No

Mayer Hawthorne was an anomaly in 2008. As soon as the first single dropped, labeled, Mayer Hawthorne & The County Line - "Just Ain't Gonna Work Out." it was released as a limited red clear, heart-shaped 10" vinyl record released by Stones Throw Records, which in turn became one of, if not, the most sought after record of 2008. within months of the initial drop of the release, people were left with the impression that it was another Stones Throw re-release of a slept on banger, only to find that it was newly recorded material. later on in late-2008 / early-2009 (i cannot remember), the label was forced release a second pressing due to it's demand. the second pressing were swiftly sold to the masses, but there was one problem. a manufacturing defect left the single without it's popular titled track. the vinyl had two B-sides, front and back. Stones Throw repressed it for a third time to make up for it's mistake and replaced everyone who had the misprint, but with something like that, you would not want to let that go... this was one of the best singles of 2008. Stones Throw has made an official video for it... enjoy it!

"Maybe So, Maybe No..." this is Mayer Hawthorne's second single, and first this year. Lets hope he doesn't drop a single a year, that's too long of a wait. i had the opportunity to meet him in his pre-Mayer Hawthorne days, as Athletic Mic League's and Now On's DJ Haircut. He is one hilarious character. while preparing for an in-store in San Diego's indie hip hop store, Access Music, we (Now On & I ) were talking and someone started to seemingly joke on how DJ Haircut was not only one ill ass DJ, but a stellar vocalist... it turns out they weren't joking! ha ha ha. one the other side of the spectrum, what if this was all just a silly joke, that got big. that right there would be some ill shit. needless to say, this is and was no joke. this is the second offering of that classic soul aesthetic. "Maybe So, Maybe No" picks up where the first single left off. Hawthorne comes in a dire age when there is an undeniable need of some real soul music... other artists, please take heed. it is now available as an advance digital download at Stones Throw Records, vinyl will be coming soon. So act quick!

DOWNLOAD HERE (leads directly to Stones Throw)

SOURCE: Stones Throw and TruSkool

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