Wednesday, May 27, 2009

DJ Vinroc - Luv Luv (Feat. Zumbi of Zion I and Jenisis)

Video by Cadre Media
Directed by Hayves Streeter

all i can say is about time... is there was a video to be made of one helluva song, then it's about time! originally released as a bonus track on the golden state inspired instrumental comp, Ethnicali, which was a collaborative work between the likes of Vinroc, Teeko, Swift Rock, Donovan Savage, Sophomore, and DJ Rasta Root. oh yeah, pick that joint up!right here.

but yes... as soon as you watch this you'll be familiar with the song... why? for those of you that know me personally, i play this like all the time and you know what... it WORKS all the time. such an ill ass song! don't sleep on dj vinroc as a producer. homie got blaps for days... and wait for The Revealing coming out very soon... i also heard there will be a sneak peek at a track or two on that upcoming DJ Norm Rocwell mixtape joint called Escape(ism). he also another instrumental project out called Beat Freaks (out on iTunes) but anyways..... good choice on using Zumbi (of Zioin I) and Jenisis, who i might add is pretty fly! i love them bay area girls. that's that... and that's what's up.

get the song here:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ya'll Sleepin' On: Zee Avi

ya'll sleepin' on Zee Avi...

i'm not gonna front either, because i did too.
you'll love it or you won't. either way, appreciate.
so, yeah, check it...

i cannot get enough of this song! has been on repeat for the last couple days. she rides the rhythm of the guitar strings with a melodic wave of playful, yet intricately placed lyrics. this one helluva beautiful jewel is definitely going on an upcoming mixtape with swiftness... yes. it's now in the tracklist. so don't bite the steez. i, even, contemplated not sharing this joint with you.... but a song like this... cannot be withheld from ears void of good taste, and force fed the substantial mockery of music heard on the airwaves these days. this needs to be played on the radio, and if it is, even more... maybe then i will start listening as if it were the 90's... it's safe, but sad to believe that i will have to keep dreaming on for that day. Zee Avi's album came out this tuesday... the entire album is superbly well-done. this will be in my top ten releases of the year. i suggest you cop one.

soothe your soul and set adrift... this is a perfect soundtrack for the summer...

i gotta thank Trevor K. at Up Above Records for putting me on to this... you should thank Jack Johnson for signing this Malaysian singer / songwriter on his Brushfire imprint, as well as Ian Montone on his Monotone label. You might as well thank YouTube for putting Jack and Ian on... actually... just watch this and get to know her better... you can thank yourself later for watching it.

whoa... she kinda reminds me of my last... uh... um, i'll stop right there. ha ha ha. if you know, you know. if you don't. oh well...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

J Dilla x Pete Rock x The Beat Junkies: Jay $tay Paid Sampler

Jay $tay Paid Sampler. J Dilla. executively produced by ma dukes. mixed by soul brotha #1 Pete Rock. compiled and hosted by The World Famous Beat Junkies. nuff said.

Download Sampler Here

rest in power.

buy this when it drops on Nature Sounds in june 2nd. SUPPORT. do YOUR part in preserving and cultivating his legacy.


SOURCE: DJ Rhettmatic (via Twitter) & 2DopeBoyz

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Link Of The Day

yes. a link with some substance. you will be seeing this more often... as long as the homies provide more top notch links. this one comes from the homie, Language Art, from the Tru Skool Tuesdays blog. peep this out.... the article is called, "2nd Fiddle."

"The entertainment duo is a familiar staple in pop culture. There’s something about the relationship between two great personalities that cannot be replicated by half of the duo and often times can be more dynamic than that of a larger group. Lucy and Desi, Paul and John, Romeo and Juliet – some even exist as a single entity, i.e. “Bennifer” and “Brangelina.” The only drawback to the duo is the fact that one member may outshine the other. Potentially, one may become more popular; and although both may be extremely talented, the comparison might often leave the less favorable member overlooked in obscurity. Let’s shine the light on the often overlooked members of some Hip-Hop’s most legendary duos... "

Read The Whole Article Right Here!!!!

SOURCE: Tru Skool Tuesdays

( catch their show online, 9pm PST, on Earthbound Radio on iTunes Right Here , as well as their live video show Right Here )

Friday, May 8, 2009

Link Of The Day

"you bastard! you've summoned the FAIL WHALE!"


fail whale.

props to Opoetik (via Facebook)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Birthday To...

the godfather of soul

if you don't know who this is...

hold up...


cuz i'm about to slap the shit out of you!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Official: Pound-For-Pound...


we keeps it thanksta' homie.

kinda reminds me of this one movie...

Photos by Wally Skalij. Awesome gif by EYEroniK.