Thursday, April 16, 2009

Freddie Joachim & Question: Study Guide

san diego is on the rise... especially in the land of the rising sun. san diegans' Freddie Joachim and Question (aka DJ Style) bring to you their debut joint venture, Study Guide, on DJ Tonk's Milkdipper imprint. being fortunate enough to preview the album months ago, i should have blogged about it at a more approximate length nearing the release date... not the day after. that is neither here, nor there, because the past is not of any relevance right now. pick this up... jazzy and soulful beats for the soul, that will most undoubtedly make your neck sore. if you like pete rock, kev brown, sound providers, and etc... then this is in your steez.

(i'll touch up more on this later on... it's 5 AM and i have work tomorrow... this right here is something for you to read right now...)

although the physical CD is only available overseas in Japan... you can still cop it digitally thru iTunes...when? NOW.

Download Right Here!!!!

support the artists.

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