Monday, April 6, 2009

DJ Neil Armstrong - Sweeet Pt. 2

it's been a long three years since the homie, mixtape-extraordinaire, DJ Neil Armstrong (5th Platoon), blessed us with some ear candy... in those three years, he has accomplished accolades most DJ's will ever see in their lifetime. yes, he is now Jay-Z's DJ.

that's something i believe changed many mindsets in our DJ community. he is a prime example of where DJing can get you... no longer are you succumb to dreams, little or big, of playing at bars, clubs, with the hopes of making it in vegas, la, nyc, and etc... there is more... there is the rest of the world... arenas, stadiums, festivals... if you have the heart, soul, and passion for the artform. yes, again... he is Jay-Z's DJ... but most of all, he is one of us. he is proof that hard work will persevere. he gives everyday DJ's hope that one day it will pay off. he is the proverbial slap in the face of nay-sayers and people that insist that DJing will get you nowhere... DJing got Neil Armstrong where he is today... touring the world as the DJ of one of the, if not biggest,hip hop superstars in the game, some of the best mixtape series around (2Original is personally one of my all-time favorites), and i might as well add, one of the most humblest people you will meet, awesome nyc driver, og bmx'er, and oh...

the FIRST DJ at the presidential inauguration ball of the FIRST african-american president, Barack Obama.

and so...
further ado...

well worth the wait... another great addition to his timeless, Sweeet series. i've listened to it about five times so far and it just keeps getting better. another DJ Neil Armsrtong masterpiece which will make you say... "ooh that's my shit!" pretty much throughout the whole entire mix. let's hope we don't have to wait 3 more years for the next one. please support him... he's well-deserved of it... and that's my word.


here is a little sneak peek into Sweeet Pt. 2:


you can now pre-order it here:

Access Hip Hop
5th Platoon

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  1. Love Neil Armstrong. I have all the mixes. Can't wait for this one.