Monday, July 20, 2009

Inspired Flight

this is the type of music where you climb to the top of your roof at 2 am, lie down, blaze one, and stare into the infinite abyss before your eyes. just lay there and let your mind ponder till dawn breaks.

peep their bio:

"Inspired Flight is a duo comprised of master turntablist, OpenOptics, and accomplished guitarist/songwriter, Chavez. Both began their commitment to music at a very young age with a love for hip-hop. As teenagers OpenOptics became obsessed with turntables, collecting records and DJ'ing, while Chavez became fixated on guitar, British rock and songwriting. The two traveled their respective musical paths with true dedication and passion, honing their skills as musicians, and in 2006 they met one another. By this time, OpenOptics and Chavez had already seriously ventured into recording and producing music and simultaneously developing a strong love for electronic music. It didn't take long at all for the two to collaborate, and the fusion of musical interests, backgrounds and personalities ended up being the perfect balance for creating fresh, thought-provoking sounds."

Download Through Sight and Sound EP for FREE:  RIGHT HERE!!!!

View Inspired Flight's EPK HERE!

Listen to Inspired Flight's music HERE!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Instant Funk: A Dopeshoes x Thumbprint Mixtape

A funky as hell mixtape ear f*ck done by the lovely dopeshoes (dojo soundz / homegrown blends) and the savage thumbprint (kids of soul / soul province). you will love it. not only is this a mixtape, but an event going down this weekend. lucky you, san diego folks. believe me, i will be attending. put on your dancing shoes ladies and gents...

you can catch me holding up the wall in typical pistachio jones fashion... which i fully abandon when i get enough courrrr... er... why lie? spirits in me.