Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ya'll Sleepin' On: Chip Fu

it's been long time coming.... from his haydays with Fu-Schnickens , to this day... this cat has been holding it down with his melodic rapid-fire delivery. nobody can front on Fu-Schnickens... ha! that was like one of the first cd's i ever bought (prior were tons of tape cassettes). who remembers Chip Fu rappin' backwards on Fu-Schnick's "The Movie Scene?" he was one of the handful of people who could pull that off and sound ill. nowadays, it seems like he's moving in silently, with numerous guest appearances.

chip fu is back with an indie sensibility and roots n' culture reggae tinged vibe. he has been working with illmind, kay, nicolay, and pete rock lately... peep him killin' it on Pete Rock's "Ready Fe War." fiyya! don't sleep on his comeback to the masses... actually, you can't call it comeback because he's always been here (came back in 2005)... remember his 8 bars on nas' "where are they now remix?" he kills it. don't sleep on the resurfacing of Chip Fu. 2009 will be his year... i wonder what happened to Moc Fu and Poc Fu????

he JUST dropped this mixtape...

Chip Fu aka Jungle Rock Jr. - Stop Playing Mixtape


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