Monday, December 28, 2009

LOVESPACE by Shred One & Roza

one of my favorite mixes of the year... by some of my favorite DJs right now... true selectors to the craft. give your ears a gift for the holidays...

LOVESPACE: a musical journey through love songs in the soulful rhythms of boogie, discofunk, and house provided by DJs Shred One + Roza

LOVESPACE Tracklist:

1. “love so fine” intro / “just to be with you”- oliver cheatham

2. “kill that mother****”- dam funk

3. “single life”- cameo

4. “consequences”- bugz in the attic

5. “pleasure for your treasure”- first touch

6. “i didn’t mean to turn you on”- cherrelle

7. “e.t. boogie”- extra t’s

8. “beat the street”- sharon redd

9. “barely breaking even”- universal robot band

10. “the get down mellow sound”- the players association

11. “turn the music up”- the players association

12. “i’ll do anything”- lee mcdonald (patchworks remix)”

13. “sugar frosted lover”- flakes

14. “i love you, i live you”- chaka khan

15. “lies”- GQ (theo parrish edit)

16. “haven’t you heard”- steppah huntah

17. “how do you say…love”- deee-lite

18. “the light”- raw artistic soul feat. ursula rucker

19. “soul fever”- sinbad

20. “for your love”- peter brown

Download: HERE!!!!


  1. Thanks for the love tunes and have a safe and HAPPY new YEAR!!!

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  4. gah...i missed out on the mix and now the link is down. can you please upload it?

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