Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ya'll Sleepin' On: Kooley High

met these cats outside of the do-over in los angeles this sunday. it was crazy because i was already bumping their mixtape, as well as checking out the myspace page earlier in the day. music speaks for itself... this is the new generation that we sorely need right now... HIGHLY IMPRESSED. do not sleep on Kooley High... check out their new video:


Kooley High is comprised of six former N.C. State University students, who met on the campus bricks by way of hip hop. What started out as a student-run hip hop organization, known as H2O, soon turned into a fresh factory of beats, rhymes, and life. The North Carolina group is made up of three emcees, Charlie Smarts, Tab-One, and Rapsody, two producers, Foolery and The Sinopsis, and a deejay, DJ Ill Digitz.

This eclectic group of emcees, producers, and deejay have exploded out of the Raleigh underground scene with their latest release, "The Summer Sessions EP". In which, they recruited Grammy Award-winning producer, 9th Wonder, for collaborations on tracks like "There You Go" and "Water". No, music is in no way new to these "new-comers". Charlie Smarts and Tab-One make up half of another NC hip hop marvel, known as Inflowential. And, the lady of the group, Rapsody, is signed to 9th Wonder's label, "Its a Wonderful World".



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