Wednesday, May 27, 2009

DJ Vinroc - Luv Luv (Feat. Zumbi of Zion I and Jenisis)

Video by Cadre Media
Directed by Hayves Streeter

all i can say is about time... is there was a video to be made of one helluva song, then it's about time! originally released as a bonus track on the golden state inspired instrumental comp, Ethnicali, which was a collaborative work between the likes of Vinroc, Teeko, Swift Rock, Donovan Savage, Sophomore, and DJ Rasta Root. oh yeah, pick that joint up!right here.

but yes... as soon as you watch this you'll be familiar with the song... why? for those of you that know me personally, i play this like all the time and you know what... it WORKS all the time. such an ill ass song! don't sleep on dj vinroc as a producer. homie got blaps for days... and wait for The Revealing coming out very soon... i also heard there will be a sneak peek at a track or two on that upcoming DJ Norm Rocwell mixtape joint called Escape(ism). he also another instrumental project out called Beat Freaks (out on iTunes) but anyways..... good choice on using Zumbi (of Zioin I) and Jenisis, who i might add is pretty fly! i love them bay area girls. that's that... and that's what's up.

get the song here:


  1. i prefer the spelling of genesis to be G-E-N-E-S-I-S. her voice is on point, and she is indeed quite cute. but most girls named genesis/jenisis are.

    coming from one genesis to another, that is. *wink.

    always a good look nor


    i LOVE this song! thanks for sharing.. i just might make a blog post of this vid to share it as well..

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