Thursday, February 19, 2009

Guess What!?!?

March 18, 2009

11:54 AM

i woke up today, hit the power button on my laptop, and decided to call one of the local game stores.

11:58 AM

my third call = two Street Fighter IV: Collector's Edition PS3 extra copies just arrived. worker dude, literally just opened the UPS box when i called. first come, first serve basis was in full effect.

12:01 PM

what did i do? i bought both them mu'fucka's... i drove VERY fast. thank you, Gamestop.

see. you don't need to pre-order shit... actually, you should, but then again, you miss out on the adventure in finding one... my homie and i pretty much drove all over and called up every store in our vicinity that carried video games.

yesterday, i was presumptuous in thinking that i will easily locate one of these limited edition gems...

but, today... absolutely victorious (with the exception of my bank account).

i will be playing this all week... and throughout the weekend...

i'm pretty sure nothing will be getting done during this SF4 binge.

olivia munn...


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  1. really? street fighter? damn, i need to get a nintendo.