Sunday, January 18, 2009


The homie, DJ Psi-Kick (San Diego) released this self-titled gem around the first half of 2008. This is his first album, with the other half of this duo, DJ KOR-1 (Japan). MemoryStorm is known for their electrifying, as well as improvisational, live sets. DJ KOR-1 hold it down on the MPC, while DJ Psi-Kick kills it with swift and intricate cuts. A melodic gully, slumpin' hip hop composition with a touch of soulful, house experimentation.


Best described as if DJ Shadow and Massive Attack had a child... and if Portishead and DJ Krush had a child... and in the future, those two meet and had a beautiful child. MemoryStorm would be that offspring. i highly recommend this aural treat to hungry ears. Perfect music to vibe out and just get lost into.

A true joint venture of East meets West, San Diego and Japan representing lovely. Check the album video trailer (just below) to see the ending result and a taste of a few tracks. Props to Temple ATS, the most slept-on label in Japan. MemoryStorm straight up kills it!

Don't sleep...

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